We are located right in the heart of the Mayan ruins in the area known as the Ruta Puuc region (the route of the hills) between Uxmal and Kabah.They are all easily located and within a ten minute drive from The Pickled Onion Restaurant and Bed and Breakfast. A little further along you will reach the sites of Sayil, Xlapac and Labnah. A little further past that, you will encounter Oxkintok. All the sites you will find very quiet... you might even have the whole place to yourselves!

For the more adventurous, we can plan a trip for you into the jungle to explore untouched ruin sites that lay on the outskirts of Santa Elena. Mul Chic is the closest one, and Nohpat is mentioned in Stephens and Catherwoods book called Yucatan Trails.


North of Santa Elena, you will find Xcooch which is said to have a base bigger than Chichen Itza (but not as high). You can climb to the top (unlike Chichen Itza),where you will get an incredible view of the land... you can see as far as the Magician Pyramid at Uxmal!

In Santa Elena itself you can visit the famous mummy museum that is adjacent to the huge church that sits high above the town square. If the church is open they will let you climb up to the roof where you can watch the sun go down.

The Pickled Onion is close to the Ruta Conventa, the route of the convents, for those of you who are interested in churches.

The Yucatan is full of caves and cenotes (fresh water springs) to visit. Some of the most famous ones, such at Lol Tun and Calcetok, are very close to us. Many of our guests have happily explored the area with Kaan Expeditions.


Come stay at The Pickled Onion! In each room you will find a booklet giving  extensive suggestions of places and sights to see in this area. You won't be bored!